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- Improve your hip mobility

- Be able to receive and block better than ever before

- Have a long playing career by staying healthy 

- Get the same one that was used every time before I even thought about touching the gear



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- Take your game to the next level

- Block out the noise

- Have someone to talk through mental processes

- The same mental practices with the techniques that I used, which took me 23 years to learn, you would get them today!



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Are you tired of not getting the exposure you deserve?


I had 1 Division one offer coming out of High School and am tired of good talent getting overlooked I will do whatever to figure out what we have to do to get you to the next level


- When you purchase the Recruiting Evaluation what happens?


I will personally come evaluate your son/daughter wherever they playing at or through video on the day that works best. 


What will I get?


You will receive a detailed scouting report detailing your strengths and weaknesses as a player. A detailed analysis of what schools would be a best fit for you.


Why would this benefit me?


This could put you on the map of the biggest schools in the Nation all the way down to your local colleges. There is a lot of connections at your disposal, use them. If you are a good fit for a certain school he will contact them on your behalf with this package



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Pre-Game and Everyday Drill work!

Get the best catching drills in the nation.


Routine includes:

Pre-Practice Body Maintenance - Everyday Work - Combo Work - Blocking - Transfers - Pre Game Warmup - Plays at Plate and Additional Options!



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